I Invest in the person behind the idea just as much as the idea itself.
You have to be investible for it to work,
and your idea has to be sustainable

BACKLUND INVEST will invest with heart and act as an advisor to mostly young entrepreneurs and start-ups who want to take their business to an international level.

To apply for investment or mentorship send your application to hello@idabacklund.com.
We read all applications but unfortunately we do not have time to personally answer all our applicants.

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The Rapunzel® brand was created in 2007 by a Ida Backlund, on a quest to find the perfect hair extensions supplier. When she wasn’t able to find one supplier who had everything she wanted, she decided to start her own company – Rapunzel. She based Rapunzel’s operations on high quality, a wide product range, attractive prices, fast delivery and, most important of all, good service. Since then Rapunzel has grown to become an award-winning and well-known international company within the beauty industry.

Rapunzel of Sweden has a 120 million sek turnover

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Passion Projects

Rapunzel VS Cancer!

Together make a difference with the foundation Rapunzel vs. Cancers. The Foundation awards an annual funding for various national and international charities. Rapunzel vs. Cancer has since 2012 awarded more than half a million to various charities in Sweden. We want to say thanks to everyone who made this possible – Together we make a difference!

Facts about the Foundation:

Is an independent foundation which annually distributes funds to national and international charities for the purpose of promoting research, training and education in cancer. Formed in 2012 by Rapunzel of Sweden Founder Ida Backlund and her mother Ann-Christin Backlund. Has since awarded more than 500 000 SEK to various charities in Sweden. 10% of Rapunzel of Sweden’s total wig sales this year has been donated to the Foundation vs. Rapunzel Cancer. By purchasing the bracelet Rapunzel Angel you support research, training and education in cancer diseases worldwide. The charms stand for protection, freedom and hope. Revenues are donated to the foundation.